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What Is The Difference Between French Fashion And Italian Fashion?

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

French and Italian fashion is the oldest and most popular fashion styles in the history of the entire fashion industry. Their popularity comes predominantly from the long presence on the market and the ways it was founded. If you take Hermes, Chanel, and Versace history, for example, you will see that the origins of these brands can date as far as 100 years. The core of their foundation was the uniqueness and quality of the fashion goods that they provided, specially intended, and focus for the people who enjoy luxury and style.

As it has grown to be the definers of luxury fashion, one can easily tell the distinction between these two styles. However, just as an overview and a reminder for all the fashion followers out there, here are the main differences between these two fashion cultures:

Abundance vs Simplicity

Italian women perceive fashion in terms of adding more accessories, dressing up, and heavy dominance in the clothes as they present themselves. Their cat eyeliner is perfectly done, the lipstick is impeccable and you can see them wearing high heels almost always. On the other hand, the French women prefer a more toned down and classic look. They choose simplicity overabundance, classic and elegant pieces, and splurging on rare things rather than going for the trends. For the French fashion, less is more, while for the Italian, more is more.

Colorful vs Matching

What all the Italian fashion brands have in common is the abundance of colors and prints. Their designs come in lots of bold colors, making any outfit eye-catching and hard to miss. Italian women are not shy to accentuate their looks and accessorize in strong colors. The French fashion leans towards matching colors and earth to darker tones. The mix of many colors is not something that can be easily seen among French women. They prefer two colors, rarely three in their entire outfit. However, they can be seen wearing accent pieces like some accessories in bold colors or oversized jewelry that breaks up the monotone look of the matching outfit.

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