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5 Ways To Wear An Abaya (Modest Fashion 2021)

Modest fashion is becoming a modern fashion. The modern women who are following this style are always looking for the latest fancy Abaya designs that will add a dose of modernity and a contemporary look. Muslim women love to wear abayas in various colors, designs, and prints because they look very sophisticated and elegant.

If you are looking to wear an abaya like a modern fashionista, these 5 ways will give you that trendy look.

Dubai Style Abaya

Abayas come in traditional themes and concepts, but some create an edgy look. The Dubai style flaunts flares and flowing fabric, as well as graceful cuts and stitches. All of this combined make the style of the abaya comes above any other style and present one of the most modern looks.

Kaftan Abaya Style

This style is considered one of the most common ones among the modern modest women. This type of style is usually embellished with embroidery and beads that come along the borders and the cuffs. It is designed in the look of a double shirt style, with V shape neckline, and is worn as a complementary hijab style.

Denim Abaya Style

Denim is one of the most popular fabrics in the fashion market. It has widened its popularity on the abaya style as well. The way of wearing abaya introduces the denim ones as an addition to the traditional style. It comes in the form of an unbuttoned cloak, with wide sleeves and in many different denim colors.

Kimono Style Abaya

The kimono styles have been very popular on the world fashion level, and they have also transferred to the modest department. The unique prints, their density, as well as the color choice comes inspired by the Chinese culture. They are a modern and trendy way to add some extraordinary style to the abaya, especially if comes made from the purest and finest silk.

Minimalist style abaya

The minimalist style flaunts and presents one color in the outfits, and in terms of the abaya, it means wearing an abaya in one color, presenting a monochromatic look. It can look both elegant and casual depending on the type of fabric.

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