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Explore Our Know-How In Bespoke Tailoring

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Step 1.

Consultation & Idea

You will be guided through the different options, fabrics and traditional styling rules.


Our team of style advisors and tailors will assess you in our shworoom and guide you through our selection of fabrics including italian fabrics from Tessitura Cavalleri E C and french lace varieties from Solstiss

The choice of fabric is essential: only the chosen range of fabric determines the price.

Bella Donna Textiles offers more than 15 different ranges and 1500 fabrics depending on style, season and occasion.


Step 2.

Measurement & Sketch

Once the fabric is chosen, you will need to customize your made to measure clothing according to your wishes.

In order to provide a simple and transparent pricing structure, Bella Donna Textile offers free and unlimited customization options: whether you want to order a made to measure dinner jacket, a wedding dress or a business suit, made to measure pants or even a silk shirt.

Your imagination is the limit, everyone has the chance to create their own made to measure wardrobe.

Step 3.

Creation & Fitting

The measurements and your customizations are then sent to our workshop. Our workshop is dedicated to the tradition of tailoring and with over 30 years combined experience - your dream item is in trusted hands.

Did you know that all of our fabrics are:

  • Organic

  • Safe for the environment

  • Sourced only through ISO Certified suppliers

Your dream item will not only look good on you - but feel good as well.

Photo 08-11-2017, 12 58 54 PM.jpg

Step 4.

Delivery & Follow Up

Each item has it's own unique tailoring process which varies in delivery time.

Your measurements and options are then later saved and stored in our portfolio and can therefore be used for further purchases directly on our website, WhatsApp or any other way you would prefer to communicate your order.

Ready To Make An Order? Let's Talk!

Price List

SKIRT Simple Midi length  starting  from

SKIRT Simple Maxi length  starting from


PANTS Simple fabric  starting from 

PANTS Boucle starting from 


BLOUSE / SHIRT Plain, without details  starting from

BLOUSE With details-bow, gathering starting from     


VEST starting from

JACKET Bomber starting from                        

JACKET Simple fabric  starting from 

JACKET Boucle  starting from 


DRESS Midi length, straight cut  starting from 

DRESS long, from silk starting from

DRESS long, from organza starting from 


DRESS Strapless with corset  starting from  

EVENING Gown  starting from    

WEDDING Gown  starting from


ABAYA / KAFTAN  starting from 

OWN Collection / White Label

550 AED

800 AED


550 AED

780 AED


680 AED

750 AED


590 AED

680 AED

980 AED

1,350 AED


1,090 AED

1,590 AED

1,790 AED


2,390 AED

2,790 AED

2,790 AED


800 AED

By Request

All prices are subject to UAE government VAT of 5%

Prices for stitching may vary according to the fabric used detailing and time required

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